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Great place to do business friendly helpful just all around good experience place to go for home rental equipment if you have an injury or any other medical problem
I've used Ward a couple of times now for a wheelchair rental and it has been easy, affordable, and efficient. Definitely recommend and will continue to use in the future!
Wouldn’t consider going anywhere else forMedical equipment needs!!Wonderful, caring, family oriented business!!
They had exactly what I needed. Staff was kind and professional.
Ward Medical Services was super helpful when I called looking for tools I needed for a school assignment. The person on the phone answered quickly and I was able to go purchase the items I needed without having to travel out of St. Augustine.
Ward medical is a great place to work filled with people who are more than fair, honest, and respectful both to their customers/ patients as well as their employees. I know this first hand from Mr. Ward and Mrs. Cheryl. They both have helped me and my family when I was in a time of need. Along with doing a lot of the community and local charities. It hurts me to see someone would say otherwise and potentially hurt a local business. To Mr. Ray go work at any big corporation and see how you will be treated. They may advertise having a fair honest and respectful work place. But they will not help you with any day to day problems you may face.
Wonderful customer service! Courtney is the sweetest, and is always beyond helpful!
Earl and his staff are incredibly helpful. Walked me through every step with a smile. Highly recommend this company for all your medical equipment needs!!
They were very helpful and nice, I will go there again �
I purchased crutches and rented a scooter from them. Service was great. So helpful & very friendly people. Would definitely use again.
Grabbed wrong cord to cpap. Came down from SC. Googled store, stopped and wola got a new cord and new mask too! Very nice people that I can’t thank enough!!! Thanks so much!! Y Bell❤️
They stayed open late for us to fix a broken wheelchair wheel. Without them we would have been stuck and our vacation ruined. Thank you so much!
Bought a rolling walker today at Ward which was recommended to me. Staff was very knowledgeable & enumerated the pros and cons of each model. I would definitely recommend Wards to anyone looking for quality help with ability assistance aids - thank you ward medical services and Courtney T for your help!
I had a problem with my beach style wheelchair; it wouldn’t open.I found Ward Medical Supplies and took my chair there to see if they could fix it for me.They took a look and said they would try right there and then to fix it…a few minutes later he informed what was the issue and he then proceeded to repair my chair. I was surprised at how efficient and kind they were. Kudos to you all for being so caring and super nice. You SAVED MY DAY!Thank you allDiana
Courtney was, and continues to be, a huge help and guide during my husband's recovery and need for oxygen. She explains how to use the equipment, and I am confident that I can explain it to my husband when I leave her. She's a gem!
They had everything needed and the customer service was so kind and pleasant.
Up at Saint Augustine with family on vacation. Fiancé had knee surgery and borrowed a wheelchair to get around. Hit a hole in the sidewalk while exploring the old city and broke the wheel. This company stayed open so we could get a New wheel for the wheelchair and put it on for us. We could not find one to rent by or replace it with. I highly recommend using these people. They were very nice and knowledgeable. The guy had it fixed and out to us with time to spare.
Was visiting St. Augustine and needed a wheelchair rental. Staff was very friendly when I called and offered to put the chair on hold for me until I could get there. Quality equipment and pricing was fair.
This place is awesome. Courtney and staff were great. Left my cpap power cord in Ohio. She fixed me right up. Give her big raise
Been working with Ward Medical for quite some time now and have seen that they provide quality products and put the patients first.