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Earl was so helpful during when we were in a pinch on Good Friday. So grateful for his quick assistance in taking care of our DME issues!
Excellent. I had an appointment for to get a C-Pap machine. Superb adherence to Covid safety measures. I had only a few minutes wait time before a polite young man screened me for symptoms of Covid OUTSIDE of the store prior to me entering.A very efficient young woman explained the paperwork I had to sign.Earl Ward, proved to be a most knowledgeable teacher of how to use the machine. Actually, he made me feel as if he had all the time in the world and I was his most important client at that time. We were in a private room/office and his attention was undivided. I left feeling confident in the use of the product.If only ALL professionals were as attentive and diligent.Kudos to Ward Medical!
Have been using these guys for products for aging relatives and nothing but good things to say about their service, responsiveness and products.
Do a Great JOB delivering MEDICAL equipment to theCommunity!!>
Staff was extremely helpful when I was looking for some compression stockings. Took the time to find an appropriate fit! Ended up spending less and got a better quality pair then I purchased from my vein Dr. Highly recommended!
A great all around company. They have a little bit of everything and will try to get their hands on anything they don’t have just for the patient. Very honest and to the point.
My husband failed to pack everything needed for his CPAP. We only needed a gasket for the water chamber. Because we were out of state, Lincare would not sell us the gasket without a new RX even though we were in their system. Courtney at Ward Medical was more than happy to sell us the gasket and was very friendly and helpful. So thankful to have found them and we had a great vacation in St. Augustine!
We had a fabulous experience with Ward. Polite employees that care! Fast, efficient service too! I highly recommend Ward Medical Services.
Courtney, was more than accommodating with our rental services I highly recommend them and will use them again in the future.Thank you ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Everyone on staff were friendly and very helpful! A very pleasant experience!
Such a wonderful experience. Courtney was a true customer service professional !!! She far exceeded my expectations and made sure I had everything I needed to aide in my recovery.
I have been using Ward ever since my mother's health began to deteriorate in 2011. While sometimes you have to wait a few minutes for help as there is usually just one or two girls in the front, and often one is on the phone looking something up or assisting another patron, they have always been helpful, pleasant and professional. Recently I had to rent a hospital bed and they had it delivered the next day.
Ward Medical was a life saver. We were travelling for the week and forgot a piece to my husbands Cpap machine. Ward medical was so friendly and helpful finding us the part we needed!
Friendly staff.
I recently fractured my tibia, and there are a few raves I would like to post and will do so in the next few days, but I firstly want to rave for Ward Medical Services and Earl Ward, and his lovely wife Leigh Ward. They are fabulous. They came to my aid with a scooter after seeing me struggle on crutches (hence the fractured tibia, Im not the most graceful).They not only delivered, but helped me learn to use it correctly. I highly reccomend Ward Medical services for any of your medical needs.
AWESOME SERVICE! I had been trying for 2 days to get my daughter's nebulizer, and was getting the run around from everyone. Finally I found Ward Medical Services and they were amazing! I arrived 20 minutes before they closed on a Friday, and they got everything straightened out and we were out the door as they were closing for the weekend. Highly recommended.
Really the best supplies &staff!!!!
This store has always had what I needed or could find what I needed. I thank them for their service.
As a General Manager of a Home Care company who has been referring our clients to Ward Medical for several years, I highly recommend Ward Medical to anyone seeking great satisfaction with home town customer service.