St. Johns County Evacuation Assistance Program

You can register for the SJC Evacuation Assistance Program by clicking here.

Emergencies and disasters can happen to anyone. Sometimes there will be advanced warning about the event, such as when a severe storm is coming your way, or there is an outbreak of an illness that could affect you or your community. Other times, there may be no warning, such as a fire, earthquake, or a gas, water, or carbon monoxide leak in your home. It helps to PLAN AHEAD for these situations, especially if you or a family member has a lung problem or other health conditions.

The Evacuation Assistance Program provides evacuation assistance to those individuals who live at home and have no other options available to them. You must pre-register if you need transportation to a shelter.

The Evacuation Assistance Program is for citizens of St. Johns County who need sheltering assistance during a disaster. Shelters should be your refuge of last resort if you have absolutely nowhere else to go.

Residents of nursing homes, convalescent homes, retirement homes, assisted living facilities, or other group facilities, do not qualify for registration in this program. Under Florida State Statute 252 these facilities are required to have a Comprehensive Emergency Plan to evacuate their residents to a predetermined location outside the evacuation area.

2023 hurricane

Click the image above for a copy of the SJC Hurricane Preparedness Guide.

For more information about St. Johns County Emergency Management, you can visit and download the official guide here:

St. Johns County Hurricane Preparedness Guide