Diabetic Supplies

For diabetics, Medicare covers the glucose monitor, lancets, spring-powered lancing devices, test strips, control solution and replacement batteries for the meter.

Medicare does not cover insulin injections or diabetic pills unless covered through a Medicare Part D benefit plan.

Diabetics can obtain up to a three month supply of testing materials at a time.

Medicare will approve up to one test per day for non-insulin dependent diabetics and three tests per day for insulin-dependent diabetics without additional verification of need.

If you test above these guidelines, you are required to be seen and evaluated by your physician within six months prior to receiving your initial supplies from your provider.

In addition, you must send your provider evidence of compliant testing (e.g. a testing log) every six months to continue getting refills at the higher levels.

If at any time your testing frequency changes, your physician will need to give your provider a new prescription.